Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Welcome to Stephen and Gloria Tropp

Welcome to the official Blog for the fans of the Beat Poets - Stephen & Gloria Tropp.

Stephen and Gloria Tropp were true original poets of the Beat generation. They were an interracial husband and wife poetry duo with a true insight into Jazz and free expressionism, which had made them outstanding among their peers, A group that included Allan Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, William S Burroughs and other great poets of the generation.

Stephen and Gloria were true bohemians, and desired a lifestyle free of artistic censorship and commercial criticism. They steered away from commercial exploits of their art and chose to perform in the many underground jazz clubs and cafes in and around the New York City area. In the seventies, several of their fans and friends were teaching or in faculty positions in colleges around the country, and they were invited to perform at several college events.

While Stephen and Gloria never garnered much of the commercial success of Ginsberg, or Burroughs, they did manage to create a considerable resume of their performances and credits in various projects with many fellow poets and musicians. They also have been published and recorded many times throughout the years.

I am the creator of this blog, their son "Tree". I have put together this blog to assist the fans of Stephen and Gloria to find information regarding their writings and performances.

Because many people have asked of their whereabouts or inquired about them through the internet, I will try to cover some of their history as well as current news about new publications in which they are featured.

Later on I hope to use this blog to solicit interest in an autobiography of my parents, which I am working on at present. Also in the works is a book of my father’s poetry, and a book by my mother of her writings and art work.

In 1988 my father died of a heart attack, in his wake he has left behind his wife Gloria, his son Tree and two daughters Pata and E'treea. We are the sole living heirs to his body of works and should be contacted in regards to any usage of his works or performances. The same is also true of any usage of the works of Gloria Tropp. We don't intend in getting rich overnight, but it is necessary to put some control in place to protect our legal rights including the intellectual property rights of our father.

In the weeks to come I will update this blog with pictures and a historical bibliography of their works. Please stay tuned.............

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